Looking for an all-rounder in construction in Utrecht region (the Netherlands).

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Posted on 27/02/2019


Job Description

Available job for an all-rounder in construction.

In the workshop, assemble frames, stick them with brick slips and add them. Subsequently these prefab elements are moved to our client’s area to be mounted there.

This concern relatively light construction work that can be carried out flexibly (in terms of time). It may be full-time, but since the company has ample time before the elements have to go to construction, it is also possible to do it for 3 or 4 days, for example.

What is required?

  • Education and experience in construction as a carpenter and / or mason;
  • Some experience with joints;
  • Living in Utrecht area;
  • In the short term for about 6 months available 5 days a week.

Skills Required

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